Kanefuku is a company that pursues the taste and possibilities of Karashi Mentaiko.

The Kanefuku Group was established in 1971 as Tofuku Suisan, and built its foundation as a food manufacturer by processing octopus. Since the time of our founding as a small business, we have created a quality control department and research laboratory and put a lot of effort into making safe and delicious food products. After that, we started processing Karashi Mentaiko, and now we are the leading company in the Karashi Mentaiko industry

Although we are an industry leader, in terms of sales volume and name recognition as well as taste and quality, rather than settle for this, we want to pursue even more deliciousness and delve further into the possibilities of Mentaiko.

With examples such as developing the use of Mentaiko in foods, sweets, and supplements, overseas expansion to turn Japanese Mentaiko into World Mentaiko, development of the Mentaiko theme park, Mentai Park, the possibilities of Mentaiko are unlimited.

We aim to be a company that develops through the pursuit of taste, quality and possibilities of Karashi Mentaiko, enhances our brand power, pleases our customers, and maintains high morale among our employees.


National Karashi Mentaiko Fair Trade Conference
The Karashi Mentaiko FTC was founded by manufacturers and distributors of Karashi Mentaiko nationwide as the institution that voluntarily manages "fair competition rules concerning the labeling of Karashi Mentaiko food products" that are certified by the Fair Trade Committee.

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